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By David Iseman

I’ve been a newsman more than three decades.

Watching Donald Trump beat up on my fellow journalists ticks me off.

I’m not actively writing for a publication right now, so I’m free to write some opinion, not just facts. I don’t have to turn the other cheek at Donald’s hate, as many journalists do every single day.

Let him take his shot. Fume quietly. Go back to work. That’s part of the job.

I have written some angry words about Trump in a blog; this is not more of that.

This is an attempt to say what I hope many other journalists are thinking, to touch on root causes for the friction between this virulent, pandering swellhead and honorable journalists.

I hope this brightens the day for some newspeople out there. I know you probably cannot even react or share this, out of fear of running up against ethics policies. That’s OK.

Just getting this off my chest lowered my blood sugar.

Why Trump hates my hard-working colleagues

1) We  expose bullies. You try to bully.

2) We strive for truth. You push it off to dark corners.

3) You say political correctness has made Americans afraid to speak out. You try to muzzle us when we speak out.

4) We stand for clarity in complex, important matters. As far as I can see, you stand for it only in wine.

5) You like to sue. We work diligently to avoid being sued.

6) You say you want America to be great again. We want the world’s people to have the chance to be great again.

7) Our ethics prohibit us from stereotyping and bias. You feed on premeditated bigotry.

8) You speak out of both sides of your mouth. Most of us have to prove what we have gathered in order to share it.

9) You try to be crude. We try to be polished.

10) You ban us from your events. Still, we reach out to you for words.

11) Having lots of money, to you, should bring automatic respect. Having lots of money, to us, should bring automatic questions.

12) The best of us are willing to risk our jobs over principle. You are unprincipled.


And, lastly, a question: You say you have hate in your heart for us. We want to know, does that leave room for anything else?


Author: David Iseman

Longtime newsguy. Retired. Tinkering with words. Lemme know what you think.

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